Saint Antonin Sports & Remedial Massage

We have the following treatment options available.  If you are unsure, which treatment will suit you, please don't hesitate to ask at the time of booking.


Sports Massage - Our most popular treatment.  It alleviates stress and tension which builds up as a result of physical activity.  Ideal pre and post competition.  Very popular with office workers who suffer from pain in the back, neck and shoulders as a result of poor posture.


Deep Tissue Massage -As the name suggests, this is a "deep" treatment.  Massage strokes are slow and penetrative and focus on specific areas of tension.  Ideal for chronic conditions.


Myofascial Cupping - As used by Michael Phelps at the Rio Olympics (2016).  It involves the use of plastic cups applied directly to the skin (fascia) using suction.  It lifts and stretches tissue to separate fascial restrictions, stimulates blood flow & circulation and releases tight muscles.  It can be used in combination with Sports Massage/Deep Tissue Massage.


Strapping & Taping/Kinesio Taping  - A method of supporting injured muscles.  Can also encourage lymphatic drainage and speed up the healing process post injury.  Useful for many sporting injuries including rotator cuff tears, hamstring, quadricep and calf tears, etc.


Holistic/Swedish Massage - a gentle and relaxing massage treatment, ideal for those wanting to de-stress and for relaxation.  Flushes away toxins, aids muscle release and can even aid restful sleep.


Sports Massage is key to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.