Saint Antonin Sports & Remedial Massage

As used by Michael Phelps, promotes blood flow and circulation, separates connective tissue and fascia, release tight muscles and trigger points.  Can be used in conjuction with a sports or deep tissue massage treatment.
Myofascial Cupping
A gentle, relaxing and painless massage which can ease away tension, promote relaxation, and flush out toxins from muscles.
Holistic Massage
15 minute treatment involving assessment of injury, taping and aftercare exercises if appropriate.
Kinesio Taping
Treatment ideal for minor niggles or injuries, eg. a tight calf muscle, upper back & shoulder issue, kinesio taping & strapping.
Sports Massage - 30 minutes
Sports massage or deep tissue massage, ideal to ease muscle aches either post exercise or perhaps from an existing niggle/injury.  Deep tissue as the name suggests is ideal for deep rooted issues, perhaps a tight back,neck & shoulders from office work, etc.
Sports or Deep Tissue Massage 1 hour

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